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New Treadmill Comparison Table


Treadmill Superstore has just launched our new Treadmill Comparison Table which will help you decide which treadmill best suits your needs. There is important information in the table which you should take note of when comparing treadmills from the Treadmill Superstore, and other online treadmill retailers.


Running area Width, Max Speed, Max Incline and Programs are all very important factors when making your comparison. 


The Motor's Continuous Horse Power (CHP) is another very important factor; the stronger the motor the more weight it can move especially at slow speeds - do not overlook this factor when comparing treadmills. Some of our treadmills have a Leeson Branded motor; Leeson is a USA branded motor and is very popular is the USA.


Be sure to review all of our treadmills using our Treadmill Comparison Table before making your treadmill purchase decision.



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