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Treadmills for Sale Adelaide

Treadmills For Sale in Adelaide


If you are looking to buy a treadmill in Adelaide, the Treadmill Super Store can help you. We are a large wholesale online retailer for treadmills in Adelaide. We can deliver state of the art designed treadmills straight to your door in Adelaide.


We are one of Australia’s leading online treadmill retailers. We have been providing treadmills at wholesale prices as we cut out all middle man and sell direct to the customer. You can buy straight from us – you dont have to go through any agent, wholesaler or a retailer. 


The 7 inch LCD display in the treadmill can give you the information about the speed, running track, calories, heart rate, work out programs etc. You can ease into your workout in a relaxed manner with the help of the Hi Fi speakers which will provide quality music when connected with an mp3 player or iPod.


If you are looking for a spare part to your treadmill, find the spare parts here.


In case if you have any queries or doubts regarding our products, you contacts us through mail or phone on 1300 559976 – alternately you can buy direct from our online store.

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