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Why Running area is important and belt size is not?


Online marketing of treadmills is very competitive these days, so trying to sift through the jargon and marketing hype when researching for the best treadmill is now more important than ever.

In our opinion, the best feature to look out for when researching is the Running Area of the treadmill; this measurement tells you a lot about a treadmill.

  • The width of the running area tells you how comfortable you are going to be running on this treadmill. As a general rule we think a 460mm wide running area is the safest minimum width you should be looking at, hence why we would never stock a treadmill with a narrower width than 460mm. Here is an example of one Treadmill that we stock with a 460mm wide running area.
  • The width of the treadmill also gives you a very good indication of how big the overall treadmill is; as the width increases the whole treadmill will usually increase in proportion, hence as the treadmill increases in size then the Continuous Horse Power (CHP) of the motor usually increases as well.

Our biggest treadmill that we stock, with the widest running area is the Volken Xtreme Treadmill; this treadmill has a Running Area of 535mm with a 3.5CHP motor. This is really the biggest treadmill that you would see for domestic use; in fact a lot of personal training studios would be using this model as well, due to its durability, size and power of the motor.


You notice that we discuss the phrase Running Area, and not Belt Width. A lot of treadmill companies are advertising Belt Width; this can be misleading if part of the belt actually sits under the side panels, therefore you do not actually get to run on this part of the belt, so it can be misleading.


So next time you are researching for a new treadmill, be sure to compare apples with apples and only look at the actual Running Area of the treadmill.



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